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Teriyaki Seared Waterfowl over Rice

There are many ways to cook Duck, Goose, Snow Goose Etc. Here is one of our favorites-

Such an easy but rewarding recipe. (This was done with Snow-Geese)

Breast out your Geese, clean & wash away excess blood and feathers. Cut away any excess grey skin from the breast.

Cross cut your breast then rotate the breast piece to cut length-wise. This ensures that you are cutting across the grain of the meat. This will maximize tenderness.

Now pour in your seasonings- Marinade- Teriyaki-Ginger-Sesame-Garlic (Veri/Veri Teriyaki or Safeway Select) Add three to four Tablespoons of Sambal Oelek- More if you prefer Heat!

Mix thoroughly and place in the fridge.

Minimum 24 hour soak....

Cook- Pan on High Heat, add a small amount of oil to prevent stick, if needed. Quick-Sear.. Cook to medium rare. (Serve)

Place over Rice, Cauliflower Rice, Noodles Etc.

(photo) liquid in the pan is water from the meat, not oil. Use very little oil...

Enjoy... -DI


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