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Durable Steelie Yarnies

Durable Steelie Yarnies

There is obviously more then one way to tie a yarnie. When it comes to creating Steelhead lures, I want to be certain of a couple things. One, I want what I am using to look and perform as I envisioned it to and two, I want to make sure it’s durable. Having confidence it what you are offering and not having to worry if it looks good or is fishing right takes some of the guess work out of it. Something as simple as a yarnie is no different.

The easiest way to create a yarnie, or as my buddies in Idaho refer to it, “fishin fuzz”, is to simply put two or three colors of yarn in your egg loop. This actually work pretty good, but eventually it seems to always come out.

I like to take a few extra steps to create a yarnie that has great color and will fish well. To do this I first of all select three or four colors of yarn. To make it easier to work with and keep the yarn together, I pull it through something. I usually use an old lead bottle cap but an oversize straw also works well.

I hold the cap in my hand and with a couple of inches of yarn pulled out, I use some of Atlas Mikes Magic Thread and do a simple multi-wrap. I go at least 10 to 12 times around the yarn and then just simply pull it tight and break it off. No need to tie r half-hitch. This stretchy thread works great and stays tight once it’s pulled tight.

The next step is simple, cut it off. I usually will cut it at least ½ to ¾ of an inch on each side of the thread.

By pulling the strands of yarn and flattening out the circle I basically form it into a flat disc of yarn, Next I simply cut/trim it to the size I want.

Once trimmed up, I have a flat disc of multi-color yarn that I need to now form into a ball. By pulling on the yarn, as if to separate it, I basically turn it into a ball. Finally I place it in the palm of my hand and roll it around between my two palms as if I was making a mud-ball. You’ll be surprised at how well this works.

Depending on how large I make the yarn-ball and perhaps where I plan to fish, helps me decide which size hook to select. I usually will tie on either and double hook rig with size 4's or a single or hook with size 2 up to a 1/0.

The bonus you have when tying yarnies with the magic thread is the solid center. The tight center of the yarn-ball makes it so that once it is on your leader, it is not coming off. When tying double hook rigs, I’ll tie on the bottom hook first. Then I will use a sewing needle and thread the leader through the tight center of the yarnie. Slide the yarn all the way down to the top of your first hook. Then simply tie on your second hook, much like tying a dual hook, cheater rig for side drifting.

That’s it, a durable yarnie on a double hook rig. “Deadly”

Don’t forget to take a little extra time and mix yourself up som NAK; Nectar, Anise, Krill. If you aren’t sure how to make it, follow this link to the NAK blog and you’ll be set. Yarnies fish good on their own, but they fish amazing with the proper scent on them.


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